Psi Meets Again – September 2021

Psi members were thrilled to meet in person at Battlefield Park in Stoney Creek on September 13.  We gathered in the picnic pavilion to kick off our year long 35th anniversary celebration!

To honour the sorrow of the Indigenous children’s unmarked grave findings, we visited the Eagles  statues at the park where the land acknowledgement was read,  along with an explanation of the statues, a tobacco tribute and an opportunity to view and remember through the tiny shoes and stuffies resting at the foot of the statues.

We returned to the picnic tables in the rain, however nothing could dampen the joy of being together!  Gifts were given to our working educators to let them know their retired sisters are “with them” in the classrooms.  Carol Sciani received her 25 year pin and plans were shared to invite new members to our group. Rho Chapter has kindly invited us to a joint Founders’ Day celebration to honour Psi’s 35th anniversary and the six founding members who remain members of Psi Chapter. We learned our Brock Scholarship recipient had her first baby during the summer, so all in all it was a joyous occasion!  The chatter between sisters demonstrated what an integral part friendship is to our group.

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