A∆K North Central Region Conference – Frankenmuth Michigan

Ontario was well represented at the North Central Region Conference in Frankenmuth July 17-21, 2022.  Roberta Casabon, Zeta, and Immediate Past NCR International Vice President sat at the head table throughout the week, as well as May Johnson, Psi, North Central Region Membership Consultant.  While missing out on her conference in 2021, Roberta was busy making AV presentations which were shown at this conference.  Mary presented 3 membership workshops which were very well attended.  Marg Nieradka, Sigma, our Ontario President, showcased A∆K CONNECT in a workshop, supported by Jane Lindsay, Sigma, along with several Technology drop in sessions. Ruth Shushan, Upsilon, presented a Diversity workshop with Mary Ann Gerdes.

Catherine Youngblud, Rho, and Diane Marshall, Xi, attended many workshops and were also instrumental in helping some of us with our ArriveCan apps!  Elizabeth McQueen, Psi, attended workshops and also assisted with technology presentations.

Jane Enright, who was our guest speaker at the Ontario Convention in May 2022, spoke at a general session about her book Butter Side Up.  Her message was very well received.

Marg and Elizabeth also attended a town hall meeting with International President Mollie Acosta and other officers to express successes and challenges.

We had time for fun too at a dinner of Ontario and Manitoba sisters, a riverboat cruise and a reception for Canadian sisters prior to the banquet.  We adopted 2 Virginia sisters, Emily and Lauren into our group as well.  Emily worked with Mary Johnson for 2 years in the Leadership Mentor program, all on Zoom, so this was the first time they met in person!  Emily did a great workshop entitled “Bis Sister, Little Sister” which encourages more experienced members to mentor newer members in A∆K, at the chapter level and beyond.  Emily’s 3 year old son attended as well and we all loved him!  We had a wonderful time connecting with our Manitoba sisters throughout the conference.  Manitoba did a fantastic workshop entitled Manitoba Magic!

Once you attend a Provincial, Regional and International event, you begin to see the far reaching benefits of belonging to Alpha Delta Kappa…so many opportunities, so many connections, so many friendships…the list is endless!


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