Ontario Altruism Projects 2020-2022

ADK Ontario chooses two Altruism Projects to support at each Provincial Convention.  At our virtual convention in May 2020, delegates voted for Food4Kids and Alzheimer’s Society of Ontario to be the recipient of funds raised at the next convention.  

Therefore at the Mary 2022 convention held in Oakville Ontario, members gladly supported our fundraising efforts.  In January 2022, tickets were sent to all chapters in Ontario for people to purchase in the chance to win a beautiful gold and black enamel necklace and bracelet set in the style of Van Cleef, which was generously donated by Phillips Jewellers in Hamilton.  Tickets were sold, one for $10 or 4 for $20.  Chapters returned their ticket stubs and money prior to the convention.  Tickets were also sold at the convention, with great enthusiasm!

Also at the convention, Psi Chapter sponsored a gently used book sale table with 2 paperbacks for $5 and hardcovers $5 each.  Without any difficulty Psi members gathered 250 books!  Convention attendees were happy to choose books for summer reading.

All proceeds from both of these projects went to Food4Kids and Alzheimer’s Society of Ontario.  In addition, the Provincial budget line contributes $500 each biennium to the chosen altruistic projects.  A formula of adding the funds raised at the convention plus the $500 from the Province, then divided 60% for the first project and 40% for the second project results in our contributions to these organizations.

At the convention a cheque was presented to Food4Kids for $2154 and a later cheque of $1436 was presented to Alzheimer’s. Both organizations were thrilled to receive these contributions!

Food4Kids is a program that provides a bag of nutritious food to children in need to be used at their home on the weekend.  Many schools offer breakfast and lunch programs, but a need was found for children on the weekends.  Several chapters volunteer for this organization throughout the week by buying groceries sourced for the best price, packing bags for students and delivering bags to school on Thursdays to be discreetly taken home by students on Friday.  The program is a resounding success meeting a critical need.  During the pandemic families received grocery gift cards in lieu of the bags of groceries.

Alzheimer’s of Ontario is very similar to the US Alzheimer’s Association.  In addition to the funds raised for Alzheimer’s at the convention, in Ontario, May is the month for the IG Wealth Management Walk for Alzheimer’s.  This year Ontario members counted their steps with $5433 raised to support research and care.

Our Provincial Altruism projects for 2024 were chosen at our recent convention.  Ontario members will gladly  support Shelter Movers and Feed Ontario.  As said over and over again at the Ontario 2022 Convention “It feels good to give!”

Shelter Movers:

 This is a national, volunteer-powered charitable organization providing moving and storage services at no cost to women and children fleeing abuse. 

 Feed Ontario:

Feed Ontario is a collective of hunger relief organizations. They work with food banks, industry partners and local communities, delivering fresh healthy food. They also develop innovative

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