Ontario Sister of Distinction Award 2020-2022

The purpose of the Sister of Distinction Award, first presented at the 2012 ON Convention, is to recognize the commitment and service of a sister to the three founding principles of A∆K: excellence in education, altruism and world understanding. The award is given to a sister, nominated by her chapter, who embodies these principles. Involvement may or may not include service beyond the chapter level and in the community.

Our first 2022 Sister of Distinction recipient is Roberta Casabon from Ontario Zeta Chapter

Roberta’s sisters wrote a glowing application that spanned all levels of our organization including at the chapter, provincial, regional and international levels.  She is described as truly exemplifying the goals of Alpha Delta Kappa. Her commitment is demonstrated in her professionalism and attention to diversity and inclusion.

With her many skills and accomplishments and her commitment to the founding principles of Alpha Delta Kappa, always as a team player and mentor, Roberta is indeed a worthy recipient of this Sister of Distinction Award.

Our second 2022 Sister of Distinction recipient is Elaine Twigg of Rho Chapter.

Since her initiation in November of 1980, Elaine has held many positions in Rho Chapter, sometimes more than once! Her responsibilities were varied and spanned all roles including President. Even when she was not holding a position, she was always ready to help when a sister needed assistance

Elaine became the ON President for the 1994-96 biennium. She developed a networking group with many contacts from different chapters all over ON and developed close friendships that are, to this day, a great source of support.

Elaine prides herself in having attended as many conferences and conventions as possible. “Canada needs to be represented. Canada needs to be visible.” After each event, she would share all her learning and discoveries.

To cite Elaine, “We all have to keep on focusing on learning. Retirement is nothing, but an opportunity for options.”

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