Psi’s Ceremonies


On April 11, 2022 Psi held an in person meeting to celebrate two special occasions. Using an updated new member ceremony, three new members were initiated – Barb A.H, Tamara C. and Shannon K. They were thrilled to receive an International Membership pin and a violet plant. As the words of the ceremony were read, it reminded all members of our commitment to AΔK. The initiation table looked beautiful, displaying our chapter’s artifacts, along with the chapter charter.

A surprise Sapphire Sister ceremony followed with six original members of Psi being acknowledged, receiving special certificates and a sapphire iris – Mary J., Linda O., Margaret T., Jackie W, Margy W, and Giselle W. The evening was a grand celebration to honour Psi’s 35th anniversary and to “Share The Love” of AΔK sisterhood.  How wonderful it was to be together once again!  A special celebration cake was enjoyed by all! 

All ceremonies are located on the AΔK website Sign in, then go to the Members Only tab, Resource Library, then All Members tab. These are all updated ceremonies, slightly different than those found in the original booklets you may have used in the past.

Initiation officers
New Members
Initiation ceremony
Receiving pin
Receiving pin
Receiving Pin
Sapphire sisters
Sapphire Sisters
Cake to celebrate 35 years of Psi! Not quite quick enough to get picture before it was enjoyed 😂

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