Bee Kind – a 100th birthday wish

Please go to A∆K connect and in the search tab at the top right, enter the phrase “Bee Kind.” You will see listed the 100th birthday wish. Post your message there and thank you in advance for all the wonderful acts of kindness on Mom’s behalf. If all else fails, email Marg Nieradka and She will do the posting for others.

3 replies on “Bee Kind – a 100th birthday wish”

Bee Kind. I delivered a basket of Niagara peaches and my Muskoka Bluebarb Jam and my Peach ‘N Pepper Relish to my older neighbour. Bev Murray



I dropped off a dozen orange roses to a retired teacher. She was such a great mentor to me and loves roses so it made sense.
Happy Birthday Mrs Taws!!


Happy Birthday Marg!
As an act of kindness, I dropped off a basket of goodies to a friend that I have not been able to see for a long time just to let her know how much I have missed her.


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