Membership Matters!

Membership Matters From Marg Nieradka

Our online convention has provided an unprecedented database of interesting programme support. As we reach out to retain as well as to invite potential members to meetings, let’s take advantage of all that the convention video library has to offer. Here is an explanation with quick reference links. Comments on the delivery style are invited. 

All Access Convention Video Library

Attendees Have Access

“Bee” a Convention Ambassador

          Share the Love

Chapter convention attendees have a valuable tool at their fingertips! Need ideas for programmes? Did you miss something from the convention? You can find it all online! The entire convention catalogue of events is available for video replay.Take advantage of this accessible and valuable membership tool!

What were the highlights?

We heard from three excellent keynote speakers. World understanding, diversity and motivation for change were the topics. See their biographies on

What else?

A variety of presentations on Diversity, Learning, Leading and Sisterhood made up four days of the convention. The complete list of all 4 days posted on the Ontario website will astound you! Find them listed  on

Why is this important? 

Chapters are looking for programme ideas to retain membership and attract new members. The themes provide a relevant focus so why not use some of these programmes as a springboard and add some local and regional offerings? 

Now What? Start Inviting!

Find a convention attendeeto help you use this material and start inviting potential members to your meetings to share the viewing experience. If your chapter did not attend, contact an Ontario executive member who will be happy to help you view or share. At your viewing meeting, add a comment about the valuable work of Alpha Delta Kappa during your remarks. Pro Tip: Get the latest altruistic statistics from the international webpage


Then follow up with guests using a communication tool of your choice to discuss the event and the alpha Delta Kappa organization.

And Next? 

Keep inviting. Use the online programme offerings and choose your pathway. Or combine them. Or build your own. 

What if? 

You invited one of your sister symposium presenters to drop in and present their symposium event virtually at a chapter meeting?  Maybe you could share your expertise by reaching out to other chapters and sharing your programme. Ask them to do the same. 

Share the Love: 

If you have success, share it on the “Connect” link. Login on the international page, choose “Connect” and then select “Convention” from the drop-down community menu. 

Enjoy the international dialogue!

Your Membership Chair,

Marg Nieradka,

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