Follow the Money!!


Thanks to Ann Ainslie, NCR, International Vice-President for the summary that follows in this section.

The Classroom GrantRegional Mini-ScholarshipExcellence in Education Award, and Innovation Grant all have application/nomination deadlines coming up soon! More information and applications are found on the International Website under the Scholarship tab.

· The Classroom Grant is designed to assist members to enhance their classrooms with innovative teaching practices. (Every teacher has been doing this to some extent since March 2020!). There is a limit of $400 per grant. DEADLINE is September 15, 2021. Suggest this grant to a member of your chapter who is beginning the school year, and offer to help with the application process.

· The Regional Mini-Scholarship is for activities taking place between Nov.15-May 15 and is to be used for non-Alpha Delta Kappa classes, conferences, or workshops. There is a limit of $500 per scholarship. Deadline is October 15.

· The Excellence in Education Awardinformation was sent to states and provinces for sharing with chapters 2 weeks ago. A big change is a member may nominate herself; nomination may also be by a colleague or chapter. Past applicants (including state and provincial winners) may re-submit if they were NOT chosen as the regional winner. Nominations must be submitted (online) by November 1Nominees will be invited to complete an online application which must be submitted by January 15, 2022.

· The Innovation Grant is for non-members with up to 10 years of teaching experience, and the applicant must be nominated by a member. The purpose is to assist educators with the cost of supplies or services to enhance creative and innovative lessons. This is a great opportunity to recognize excellence and “woo” a potential member! Deadline is November 15.

There is money allocated especially for North Central Region.

August 31st Deadline- Share Your Programmes 

From the desk of Mary Johnson, NCR Regional Membership Chair

August 1-31st…The Distinguished Programme Award is designed to recognize chapters with outstanding programmes that promote involvement and attendance of members, plus attract the attention of prospective members through creativity and uniqueness. Adjudication information and the rubric are on the website along with the online application form, making the process easy to follow.

2 replies on “Follow the Money!!”

I delivered a basket of peaches, my Muskoka Bluebarb Jam, Muskoka Strawberry Jam and Peach ‘N Pepper Relish to my next door neighbour in appreciation for her kindness.

Happy 100th Birthday Marg.

Bev Murray, Upsilon


My sister , Peggy Gray and I of Ontario Xi made 24 jars of strawberry jam and 12 jars of raspberry jam for seniors. shut-ins and friends on Manitoulin Island.
Emily Noble


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