100th Birthday Wish!


A 100th Birthday Wish

Margaret Taws, of A∆K Sigma, Ontario, Canada is a special lady, about to celebrate 100 years young!

Her sisters wanted to have a party, or organize a big event. Well, Margaret put the kibosh on any frivolous ideas and came up with her choice to “fit the bill” (as she likes to put it).

In keeping with the A∆K Ontario theme of “BEE KIND”, she asks that members of all chapters complete an act of kindness on or around her 100th birthday of Sept. 5, 2021.This special request is meant to spread kindness to everyone: help a neighbour, visit a friend, share some food, pickup/deliver parcels for those who can’t. Just BEE KIND!

Daughter, Margaret Nieradka (yes, Ontario Sigma has a mother/daughter team of Margs!) will post a link on A∆K Connect and the A∆K Ontario Website ( and the Ontario Facebook page so members can reply to the post. A simple heading like “My Kindness for Marg” or “I Choose Kindness” and your province, state and chapter with a short description would be wonderful. 

She is so pleased that her birthday wish aligns with Mollie Acosta’s request to “Share the Love!”

Marg is hoping for 100 Acts of Kindness to honour her 100th birthday. Let’s make that happen!! BEE KIND!!!

3 replies on “100th Birthday Wish!”

In honour of Margaret Taws 100 Birthday, I have decided to “be brave”, as I know that she would be and to start back in my volunteer role at Ronald Mc Donald House Hamilton. For 18 months now, I have not volunteered in a role that I love, due to Covid. Tonight, in honour of Margaret, I will be following all of the safety protocols and serving our families a delicious dinner once again. Happy 100 Birthday Margaret!!!
Mary Johnson, ON Psi, RMC NC


Happy 100th birthday dear Margaret Taws of Ontario Sigma! Your Ontario sisters with you a delightful birthday picnic on September 5. In your honour, I have reached out to some special family friends, delivering a “basket of kindness” to them to brighten their day.

Elizabeth McQueen
ADK Ontario President


Happy Birthday from Florida where I picked up neighbors at Sarasota airport as a Bee Kind wish for your birthday!!🎉🎂🎉


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