International Convention 2021

2021 International Convention Highlights

The 2021 Virtual Convention is now complete!  What an exciting time to experience the far reach of Alpha Delta Kappa from the comfort of your own home.  Twenty-six Ontario sisters participated, giving rave reviews of the workshops, guest speakers, general meetings, business meetings, entertainment, celebrations and gala events.  Posted below you will find the Convention Booklet and summaries of the Education Symposium Pathways.  Plans are in the works for the recorded sessions to be posted on the International website.  When these are available you will be informed.  For now, scroll through the booklet by clicking on the arrow to change pages and browse through the summaries of the workshops to experience a taste of what was offered!

Ontario was well represented in a variety of ways…

Kathleen Buligan, Ontario Zeta as a member of the International Executive Board

Roberta Casabon, Ontario Zeta as the North Central Region International Vice President

Jennifer Vince, Ontario Rho for recording O Canada and a montage of Canadian landscapes for the opening ceremony

Denise Palmer, Ontario Zeta for presenting at the Educational plenary session her experiences as a K-3 working educator during the pandemic

Mary Johnson, Ontario Psi  for presenting at the Leadership plenary session her beliefs as a member of the Mentorship Leadership group

Marg Nieradka,  Ontario Sigma, Jane Lindsay, Ontario Sigma and Elizabeth McQueen, Ontario Psi for presenting the workshop Tackling Technology Together, along with Alyssa and Himani

Mary Johnson, Ontario Psi, Elizabeth McQueen, Ontario Psi and Marg Nieradka, Ontario Sigma for presenting the workshop Building International Bridges of Connection

Mary Johnson, Ontario Psi, for contributing to the daily Action Papers, summarizing the days’ events

Ruth Shushan, Ontario Upsilon for her work on the International Diversity and Inclusion committee as North Central Region chair

Elizabeth McQueen

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