Tau’s Goings On


We in Tau would like to share what we have done in our winter Chapter meetings:

JANUARY – We heard from Diane Belsey who has been providing online learning with our Board since the Fall and will continue doing so until the end of this school year. She had Grade six students from various parts of the region.

Dawn Huckson, one of our Tau members, talked about what it was like to be teaching in the school and providing online instruction with her own class during January.  Since returning to the school she faced the re-organization of classes once again with the loss of more staff. 

Most of our members are retired so it was interesting to hear the current dilemmas from practicing teachers.

FEBRUARY – We each came to the meeting with a favourite poem to share (or we could have created our own poem). Everyone enjoyed hearing why that poem was selected and the variety presented. 

MARCH – One of our Omega sisters, Alice Michaud left some money to the chapter. Our members decided to create a bursary for someone in a program for education at Durham College since that is where Alice had taught. This week we were pleased to meet virtually with this bursary’s recipient, Cole Robertson DeLarge. We know Alice would have been delighted that Cole was the recipient. Cole’s letter and picture are below:

One reply on “Tau’s Goings On”

Congratulations Cole! It is inspiring you, as an incoming educator, are so very talented skilled, knowledgeable and dedicated 🐝! Your achievements shine alongside Alice’s memory as an outstanding educator! Well done Tau sisters!


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