Tackling Technology Part 2

Tackling Technology Session #2

Sign up for Session 2 of Tackling Technology will be done in a different manner than Session 1.

Chapter Presidents have been asked to forward the schedule for Session 2 to all members.

A Zoom link email for the topics will be sent to Chapter Presidents by Marg Nieradka,

Chapter Presidents are kindly asked to forward that Zoom link email to all members.

For those wishing to participate, just click on the Zoom link at the day and time of the training and you will be admitted.

For those Chapter Members not wishing to participate, just disregard the Zoom link email.

Thanks everyone for your interest and help as we Tackle Technology, demonstrating that A∆K Ontario is Buzzing With Opportunity!

One reply on “Tackling Technology Part 2”

Thanks to Marg and your amazing team. The instructions that were given to us (for the one session I attended) were direct, supportive and very kindly spoken. These are such worthwhile lessons for us while we’re asked to be inside. Sign up, you’ll be very pleased.


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