Upsilon Christmas Project

Our Holiday Season Special Altruistic Project 2020

Our ADK Ontario Upsilon chapter is continuing with our Christmas season tradition of supporting families in need in the Waterloo Region.  This year, due to COVID-19, the Women’s Crisis Services of the Waterloo Region is facing an even greater challenge posed by heightened rates of spousal/partner abuse and local shelters are working to meet these greater needs.  The Region supports two shelters: Haven House in Cambridge and Anselma House in Kitchener.

Our ADK sisters contributed boxes of much needed toiletries, personal care items and baby care items.  We added an envelope stuffed with $25 gift cards toward local retailers (grocery stores and Walmart).  These cards will be distributed to the women so that they can independently purchase a gift for their own child/ren.  

These are indeed challenging times.  A small gesture of caring can spread hope.  And hope helps to carry on……  Peace and love to everyone.

Susan Van Norman,

Altruistic Chair, on behalf of

ADK Ontario Upsilon Sisters

One reply on “Upsilon Christmas Project”

Each Upsilon sister’s donation makes a difference in the life of a woman who is in crisis. Your plan was wisely planned and implemented. When these women are able, I am sure they will pay it forward too! I am proud to be your ADK sister! Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season!


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