Fill in your Tech survey!!


Technology training and support is challenging for members of all ages. Thanks to a contact made through Andrea Z. of Sigma, I have access to two secondary school Co Op students. In exchange for course credit, they are going to prepare support materials and do LIVE group technology training on Zoom. Customized to our needs, the model will allow for individuals and small groups who need more than one walk-through. Each tutorial will be designed to allow a step-by-step approach with a chance to say “Wait a minute! I have a question!” They will take you from wherever you are so don’t be shy. One choice in the survey is Brightspace , a delivery model being used in some boards of education so that has been included . It is for practicing teachers and will be delivered by Andrea, a Peel District School Board employee. Just answer “No” in your survey if it does not apply. The pandemic has brought many negatives, but this is a positive! Normally, an online Co OP placement would not be a choice for work experience so please take advantage of the one- time chance to use the personalized help and improve your comfort level in the area of choice! I have sent a survey to determine the needs of members so that the training is designed exclusively for you. This is indeed a value- added service for our members! You can help by filling it in and returning it immediately. If you didn’t receive it, ask your Chapter President or Membership Chair to forward it to your email address.

Choosing Kindness,Marg N.Ontario President- Elect,Ontario Membership Chair.–GvMnSIm2-4MpYJaKQLglJSwVd_YU1AQQ/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1&flr=0&usp=mail_form_link

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