AΔK Ontario Guest Speaker Event

AΔK Ontario hosted a Guest Speaker event on November 17 through Zoom for all Ontario sisters, potential members and invited International guests. Our goal was to bring members together in a value added occasion, during the pandemic when chapters are not able to meet in their usual manner. Ninety-five people listened to the inspirational message of Ben Fanelli who encouraged us all to be “heroes of our own story”.



2 replies on “AΔK Ontario Guest Speaker Event”

I agree, Phyllis…and a BIG THANK YOU for introducing Ben to your ON ADK sisters. 🐝Congratulations and thank you, also, to our entire ON Exec for bringing Ben’s story into our ADK sphere and sharing his interesting, very personal and most worthwhile story! I believe many of us will be long influenced by his insights and goals for all his tomorrows.


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