2020 Chapter Officers E-Packet


Below are helpful resources for your chapter. This information is also listed on the International Website. Look for “2020 Chapter Officers’ E-Packet” on the homepage. The packet is also listed under MEETINGS> Chapter Meetings> 2020 Chapter Officers’ E-Packet.  

We want to make sure that EVERY member has access to the Chapter Officers’ E-Packet. Is there someone in your chapter who doesn’t have email or internet access to our website? Are you not sure? Ask! Please share!  Treasure this opportunity to serve as your chapter president. Enjoy every experience and cherish our sisterhood and the friendships you make along this journey! Calendars   
Pearls of Achievement Program   
Scholarships and Grants   
Update Your Chapter Roster Online
 You have been elected to serve as your chapter treasurer. Enjoy this opportunity to serve your chapter. Appreciate every moment!
Form H-138, Member Record Payment (Billing/Dues) will be individually emailed to each chapter president and chapter treasurer during the first week of September.Your supporting documents are listed below:Cover LetterFAQS/P/N President’s and S/P/N Treasurer’s Contact Information

990-N IRS E-Postcard filingC-1, Annual Chapter Reporting and Audit Form will be available mid-September. Visit Chapter Documents and Forms.
The Financial Instruction Booklet will also be available mid-September. Visit Chapter Documents and Forms or S/P/N Documents and Forms. Membership development is everyone’s responsibility. We, and only we, are responsible for the future of Alpha Delta Kappa. As the chapter membership chairman, you are a vital partner and leader in your chapter. Best wishes as you lead your chapter in membership development! Chapter Needs Assessment (CNA)
Membership Campaign
The “Gift” of Membership
Chapter Resources

CHAPTER MEETINGS. AΔK Month/Founders Day Central
Certificate of Liability Insurance
Chapter Program Ideas
Fundraising Ideas
Pearls of Achievement ProgramVirtual Attendance at Chapter Meetings Guidelines


H-103 Membership Application

H -114, Annual Chapter Highlights
H-154, Petition for Reinstatement
H-151, Chapter Form for Prospective Members
Chapter Needs Assessment (CNA)
Chapter Altruistic Report Form MEMBERSHIP

Fraternity Education Membership Campaign Distinguished Program Award Recruitment (Elevator Pitches)Reinstatement & Retention Ideas

TRAINING TOOLS Chapter Officer Training Workshops
Tech Documents
Videos, Webcasts and Webinars

MARKETPLACE (through Transcend)
Official Badges Jewelry and GiftsRecognition ItemsPins and Guards

CHAPTER SUPPLIES. Alpha Delta Kappa Foundation
“Big Opportunity” Purse Size
“Real Life Connections for Today’s Members”
“Windows of Opportunity”
“Friends Ask Friends” Referral Card

SCHOLARSHIPS AND GRANTS. Regional Professional Development
Fine Arts Grants
Classroom GrantInnovation GrantARGO – Agnes Robertson Global Outreach

LIBRARY. The Lamp of Alpha Delta Kappa Song
AΔK Websites
Directory2020 Projected List of Dedicated Sisters


International Headquarters Staff is available to assist you with your questions, concerns and need for assistance. Our HELP tab has all of the latest info you need to navigate the International website.

To download a document or form on the International Website you must either sign into your Google account to add the document to your Google drive OR, once on the document, click on FILE> Download as> and choose your file type OR click on a form link and click on the download button (arrow with line under it). 

The Alpha Delta Kappa Eblasts are published by Alpha Delta Kappa, International Honorary Organization for Women Educators on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Fridays of every month. There are special edition issues on occasion. Kristin Bridges-Banks, EditorComments are Welcome

Alpha Delta Kappa International Headquarters; Phone: (816) 363-5525 or (800) 247-2311; Fax: (816) 363-4010; Email:; Website:www.alphadeltakappa.org2020 Chapter Officers’ E-Packet

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