Psi Sisters “We care”

“We Care” Gift Baskets

Psi sister Margy W. preparing the baskets for delivery

Retired Ontario Psi members are thinking of all students and educators, as they return to school during these unprecedented times. In order to recognize the commitment, energy and concern each working Psi member has for their students and for their own families, items such as hand sanitizer, wipes, note cards, sweet treats, wine and gift cards were donated by retired members. “We Care” gift baskets were assembled and beautiful hand-made violet note cardswith a personal message of support was attached. The baskets were delivered to the homes of our working Ontario Psi sisters before this challenging school year begins.

Psi sister Saira W. Receiving her basket
Psi sister Denise M. With her basket

One reply on “Psi Sisters “We care””

It seems there is so little we can physically do to support our working educators right now but this will improve. Educators and everyone returning to work today are in our minds and hearts 🌺!


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